#SECTION 377 LGBT (Relationships)

Ye toh reet hai pyaar karne walo ke jisne jeet dilaayi hai .Mard kya or Aurat kya hum sab ne aas lagai hai….

No hesitation to love the same gender ,brave to except gay or lesbian ,brave to except transgender or bisexual .Love has its own language , Sometime it works, sometime it fails ,sometime it struggles ,sometime it survives , sometime one-sided love ,sometimes between the guyz who can make their love ,sometimes between girls for their happiness ,no societial pressure ,without any guilt feelings or shyness to speakup their relation ,no limited boundaries ,no gender restriction ,love is strong just with their choices of bond .

A transgender can nurture like a mother towards a child .Men can feel unconditional love towards a men .A girl can find her better half in a girl .Its all upon our mindset .A bisexual can have more dreams to make up for his family .As these are also the phases of love. Love isnt like romeo and juliet only .It can be #Juliet towards Juliet #Romeo towards Romeo. An homosexual can have better intention then a so called perfect human .No one is perfect in this world we do have certain flaws in us .A person should find positive side and attitude which is all needed.

Well it take guts to believe in it. Love is a flawless feeling which do not create hurdles .As the right path can make your mind blown away. Liberty to express beyond any regulations .After all ,we humans are sharing the same earth . We all have a heart who looks up inner senceirity in someone rather then facial beauty .The thing which we think that society will not accept #Who doesn’t feed us .We all humans should make up our mind to accept it ‘love is something which looks up a beauty within someone’ .

#LGBT law has been passed. Happy to hear that every individual has a right to love .A liberty to move forward in this backward world .Make up their own decisions redarding the future.Love dosent need perfection it needs a perfect one to understand .An equal right to stand up and head up in between society .Wheater it been a girl or a boy .A straight or Gay or Lesbian …A transgender or bisexual or homosexual .A liberty to find right heart to be with ,is all our courtesy .Courage to encourage such people and make them feel free to express it .A person should know towards whom is he/she been attracted .Attraction is normal but feeling for the same is way beyond difficult to grasp.

Na ye tera jahan hai na mera ye humara jahan hai .Is jahan ke khubsurti toh pyar nibhana hai ….

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